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Residents were thrilled when the state decided to build the 0 million, high-tech new prison — and keep 440 jobs — down the road.

But some are wary of the state's offer to transfer ownership of the old prison to the city, fearing it could become a money pit.

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City and state officials are discussing how to make the best use of the sprawling and occasionally crumbling prison campus that has been the site of escapes, riots and executions.

(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)FORT MADISON, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa State Penitentiary stands like an ancient stone fortress on a bluff over the Mississippi River, ringed by castle-like guard towers and sheathed in chain link and razor wire.

The closed Missouri State Penitentiary was on track to draw a record 20,000 visitors this year until mold discovered in September forced a temporary cancellation of tours, which take guests to the old gas chamber where 40 inmates were put to death.

Storytelling tours exploit the history of Cellblock 7 at Michigan State Prison, where doctor Jack Kevorkian once stayed.

18, 2013, photo shows a cell block from inside the yard at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, Iowa.