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I guess I just liked him because it seemed that, below all the posing for the TV cameras, I think he was as bitter and sarcastic as I was.

One point is an aberration, two points is a coincidence, and three points is a trend.

Kent Boyd (last week: 1)I still think that Kent will win, but I can't let him slip by unpunished for the white boy step routine.

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Injuries also limited the screen time of Billy Bell and, more importantly, extended by exposure to Jose.

The much-hyped appearance of the All-Stars were thrown completely out of whack by the poor performance of the women on the show, resulting in a male-female imbalance that it took the producers weeks to find a satisfactory result to (hey, let's let two guys dance together! )The judges held way too much sway over the season, retaining their power to select from the bottom three performers all the way through the Top 4.

And will Robert end up with a strained eyebrow from the incessant mugging? The voters replied with a collective yawn, once again putting him in the bottom 2.

Could it be that they are not so quick to forgive him for coasting on the goodwill of the judges? Robert Roldan (last week: 6)His great performance in Travis Wall's contemporary routine was completely ruined by the all-too-literal ending, with his partner standing on his feet and him literally walking for her.

I'm not sure what producer decided that having the two whitest cast members do the blackest routine the show has yet done was a good idea, but that person is an idiot. The judges complimented him on his solo because he actually appeared to be giving a shit for once.

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    However, students will play the part of carbon-14 because those are the atoms you wish to observe when measuring radioactive decay.3. Each round of flipping the coin will be called a trial.

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    When Cutts came by they talked and played video games. The interview between Porter and Cutts then took place. Mitchell is asked why he asked Cutts, "Did you do something to that girl? Mitchell was then asked if he remembered being with Cutts one month before Jessie disappeared. He was asked if he remembers his wife saying something.

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