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Between 1999 and when the hoax was discovered in 2001, Swenson, playing the role of Kaycee, represented herself on numerous websites as a teenager suffering from terminal leukemia.

Kaycee was reported to have died on May 14, 2001, and her death was publicized on May 16; shortly thereafter, members of the online communities that had supported her unraveled the story and discovered that Kaycee had never actually existed.

I hate the thought that a bunch of people are grieving over somebody who did not existi!

[sic]" As the Metafilter thread progressed, users discovered that Kaycee's College Club account was tied to the College Club account of Debbie Swenson's teenaged daughter, and that records showed that someone had logged into Kaycee's account days after she was supposed to have died.

She requested that he keep Kaycee's identity secret.