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Sharks: Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Postcard on the Run" a mobile app for sending postcards (YES); "Lynnae's Gourmet Pickles" specialty pickles (NO); "Rolo Doc" a system for upgrading communication between patients and medical professionals (NO); "Sweet Ballz" cake balls (YES); Update on: Wicked Good Cupcakes (Episode 423) Note: This is the first episode with both Barbara and Lori, and the first episode without Daymond John.

Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Mango Mango" mango preserves (NO); "Breathometer" a smartphone breathalyzer (YES); "Man Medals" medals for men doing chores (NO); "Kane & Couture" designer dog apparel and accessories (YES); Update on: Simple Sugars (Episode 420)Sharks: Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Fairytale Wishes" aromatherapy sprays for children (NO); "The Freeloader" a piggyback carrier for children (YES); "Kookn' Kap" a breathable, non-flammable cooking cap to keep aromas out of your hair (NO); "Rapid Ramen Cooker" a specially designed bowl for cooking ramen noodles (YES); Update on: Echo Valley Meats (Episode 421)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Sunday Night Slow Jams" a love songs radio show (NO); "Hamboards" skateboards that ride like a surfboard (YES); "Scan" a QR code application (NO); "Screen Mend" window screen repair patches (YES); Update on: Mission Belt (Episode 422) Note: R&B musician Brian Mc Knight makes a cameo to pitch for Sunday Night Slow Jams.

Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Cougar Limited" an energy drink for women (NO); "Remyxx Re Kixx Sneakers" fashionable shoes that are completely recyclable (YES); "The Nitro Force Titan 1000" a home gym system (NO); "Uni Key Technologies" door locks operated by a smart phone application (YES); Update on: EZ VIP (Episode 301)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Coat Chex" a ticketless coat checking system (NO); "Bev Buckle" a belt buckle which serves as a beverage holder (YES); "Body Walking" a massage service where the masseuse stands on the client (NO); "Buggy Beds" bed bug glue traps (YES); Update on: Readerest (Episode 306)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Surf Set Fitness" surfing-inspired exercise equipment (YES); "Alpha M" a how-to-dress-for-success DVD series for men (NO); "e Creamery" mail-order personalized ice cream (NO); "CATEapp" a smartphone app that hides messages from certain contacts (YES); Update on: Element Bars (Episode 106) Note: Pro surfer Lakey Peterson makes a cameo to demonstrate Surf Set Fitness; The creator of Alpha M would return to the tank in the future (Episode 729) to pitch a new business.

Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Liz Lovely Cookies" gluten free, vegan cookies (NO); "Rock Bands" bracelets made with allegedly healing stones (YES); "Fuzzi Bunz" reusable baby diapers (NO); "Posture Now" a posture correcting device (YES); Update on: Tower Paddle Boards (Episode 309) Note: Entertainment reporter Robin Leach makes a cameo to pitch for Rock Bands; Dancing with the Stars pros Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya make cameos to pitch for Posture Now.

Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert "Moberi" a bicycle-powered juice and smoothie cart (NO); "Spy Escape and Evasion" a spy school via seminar classes that teach defense tactics (YES); "DDP Yoga" a fitness program based on yoga developed by former pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (NO); "Southern Culture Artisan Foods" specialty pancake and waffle mixes (YES); Update on: The Game Face Company (Episode 412)Sharks: Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Cheek'd" a unique dating service (NO); "Zip It" a fitted sheet and sleeping bag combo for making beds quickly and easily (NO); "Bambooee" bamboo paper towels that are washable and reusable (YES); "Buzzy4Shots" a device that uses vibration to numb skin in preparation for medical shots (NO); Update on: Kisstixx (Episode 307)Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Revo Lights" an innovative lighting system for bicycles (YES); "Squeeky Knees" clothing for crawling babies with built-in squeakers in the knees (NO); "The Buffer Bit" a shoe buffing pad that attaches to a power drill (NO); "U-Lace" interchangeable mix and match shoelaces for easily changing the look and style of sneakers (YES); Update on: Ka ZAM (Episode 424)Sharks: Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, Robert "Define Bottle" a water bottle specially designed for infusing fresh fruit flavor (NO); "i Re Tron" an electronics recycling service (YES); "Boo Boo Goo" a colored, waterproof liquid bandage (YES); "Henry's Humdingers" spicy flavored honeys (YES); Update on: Ryan's Barkery (Episode 426) Note: This episode featured young entrepreneurs.