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Along the way, they have helped people deal with everything from troubled marriages and suicide attempts to finding Shabbat dinners and references for school reports.How the Site Works When visiting Ask, you will be prompted to enter a temporary “chat name” before connecting to a Java-based chat engine allowing live interaction between visitor and scholar.

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These scholars are available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, and stand ready to address topics ranging from simple questions about Jewish holidays to complex inquiries on personal issues.

Ask Moses provides a unique, non-intrusive environment where we share the depth, love and spirituality of Judaism.

Each scholar is available during specified, scheduled hours, and the number of scholars online at any time is sufficient to cover user demand with a minimal wait.

A user may request the next available scholar, or ask for a particular scholar with whom they’ve had a previous interaction.

Our software also retains statistics on system access by country, time of day, user wait time, and other traffic factors for feedback and system resource management.