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It would be the song, but it would be in the way that I wanted to do it and so he had to sit down and have conversation with mum.Mum thought I was in trouble, but he was like “no these are signs of a songwriter and what I fear is that I am going to teach him too much, to where he’s not going to be able to think outside the box, he’s going to be so formatted into a robot that he’s not going to be able to create music.

He’s doing so good at it so far and that at the age of 12, so just let him go.” So he refused to teach my anymore and that’s when I picked up the guitar.

The killer of Travis Manawa was revealed as a native man called Walker on Sunday's episode of Fear The Walking Dead.

You are only a little bit younger than me I believe and in our lifetimes alone, the music industry has seen significant changes in its makeup and approach to marketing, selling music and what makes money.

What do you think are the main positive and negative features of the music industry today?

So that is kinda like what we’ve always done, is we’ve never been stressed out about it.