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In his words I’ve been friends with her family forever.

It started out with me and Miley simply working on a song together.

In last night’s finale, Moody Mindy lost out to the Penthouse Pet Taya. Mindy proved to be a terrible singer in one of the challenges and given that my 4 year-old can carry a tune better than I can, I felt a special kinship. Link to it and maybe I’ll call you up and sing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” You just won’t find this offer on other blogs.

Or maybe I was just somehow brainwashed by her deep Southern drawl. Fascination with the number of ways cleavage can be displayed. Amazement by how many open mouth kisses Bret can deliver in one episode.

The 3 seasons each feature (approximately) 20 women competing to be Michaels' girlfriend.