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Carol jumped off her husband and got on all fours, waving her ass to tempt him. I need it hard tonight." Ben didn't protest and climbed into position behind his sexy wife, sliding his cock into her waiting hole. It was her first time in their entire marriage she had talked dirty to her husband and she could barely believe the words were escaping her own mouth. Like many women, Carol was re-entering the workforce at forty-one years old, competing with women and men half her age with twice her energy level.

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The orgasm was so intense that she screamed out loud.

Five minutes later Jennifer came home from school with her best friend and Carol couldn't even look at either of them.

Yes, the dirty scene flashing across the computer screen had certainly put her in the mood again and it was time to head to the bedroom and her waiting husband. Carol smiled widely, "It was SO hot, that I had to 'warm up' three times, if you know what I mean." "I was wondering what was taking so long.

She logged off the computer so Ben would be unable to see what she had been looking at and then walked quickly to the doorway where she found her husband stroking his cock on the bed. Are you ever going to tell me what has you so turned on?

Carol was not pleased with the idea on the other hand.