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In later years, higher-end Raleigh models such as the International, Professional, Competition, Grand Sport and other models built at the separate Carlton workshop used B. These include all Nottingham-built bicycles sold with a coaster brake or internal-gear hub, as well as lower-priced derailer-equipped models up through the Super Course, which had a frame of plain-gauge Reynolds 531 tubing. This article will provide strategies for getting around this problem.

With an older bike, there is often a question of whether to preserve it for posterity in "original" condition or to upgrade it for use.

That said, I'd generally consider anything from the 1960s onward to be fair game, with 50s bikes on the borderline.

(I have a separate page about dating your Raleigh bike.) To be a good candidate for restoration, a bike should already be basically complete, and free from rust.

These standards and ultimately formed the heart of the ISO international standards established in the 1980s. I thank reader Greg Reiche for alterting me to correct this -- John Allen.] At the time of this transition, Raleigh was the Microsoft of the bicycle industry, and did not choose to go along with the adoption of B. The easiest way to identify Raleigh-built bikes is by looking at the rear dropouts.