Im dating matt damon lyrics

I'm fukin matt damon Your fukin matt damon Well I'm fukin hannah motana She's fukin hannah motana Backstage at my concert Fuks me on my parents' bed After school, at my locker In the car I giv her head I'm also fukin the flava Yh boy she's fukin flave-flav, fool You kno wah time it is Becos I'm fukin juney too Yh I kno but it's true Flava-flav fuks me too And I swap with calvin And he swaps with tha dude And wer all fukin hellboy Yh ther fukin hellboy And I'm the fukin hulk Wen I get realy mad I start fukin iron man A most uncomfortable screw But I fuk the princess too *ding dong* Whos tha ringin on my bell It's the bitch thas fukin iron man Thas i-r-o-n m-a-n And I fuk him in the mouth Thas fukin great becos I'm fukin wolf "awhoo" He's fukin wolf ain tha a pity Becos I'm fukin those bitches from sex and the city He fuks the sex and the city gals So I wonder: Would wolf really be get jelous if he knew we wer fukin the guy with the big utility belt?

I'm not imagining it's you I'm fucking Matt Damon[MD:] On the bed, on the floor, on the towel, by the door, in the tub, in the car, up against the mini-bar I'm fucking Matt Damon[MD:] She's fucking Matt Damon While you're drinkin' Diet Snapple / I'm fucking Matt Damon[MD:] She's fucking Matt Damon / Hey, Kimmel!

I'm fucking Matt Damon[MD:] She's fucking Matt Damon! / F-U-C-K Matt D-A-M-O-N / Say F-U-C-K Matt D-A-M-O-N!

We were playing online Scrabble, I was fucking Matt Damon! [MD:] You flew like an idiot back and forth to do your show AND Regis & Kelly's show? :)On the bed / on the floor / on the towel by the door / in the tub / in the car/up against the mini-bar!

Ask the Insider's Pat O'Brien[P O'B:] Insider has confirmed that she is, in fact, fucking Matt Damon REMEMBER WHEN? I told you I was fucking Matt Damon, I WAS fucking Matt Damon!

I didn't think that you'd go first I can't say that's not true Nothing left to do Absence equals distance What was I thinking?