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” We will trigger an act of rescue, so we’ll ask you where you are and say we’d like to send help. We’ve recently discovered that there are three magic words, the three words that have the highest indication for a successful conversation: smart, brave, and proud. That was a really brave decision you made to talk to your boyfriend about this.” Or, “I am so proud of you for meeting with your principal and raising these issues.” Or, “Wow, that was a really smart thing to say.” Those words are positive trigger words.

If you’ve contacted a text line, you want help, so most of the time they tell us where they are. Then, we can take the mobile number and work with 911 and the mobile companies and triangulate and find out where you are. That would be a counselor’s response to someone who reached out. Do you use those words with your own middle school-aged daughter?

It’s pure altruism; it is the kindness of strangers. Listening and being able to mirror back to someone without passing judgment.

I think probably having a little of your own security and mental stability helps.

For the right people, it’s a phenomenal volunteer opportunity.