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‘Tis time to see how ye measure up against the greatest buccaneers from the golden age of pirates.

Take this here personality quiz to find out just how pirate ye be?

If You Had Mostly "C's" You're Intimidating: Whether or not you might be interested, you give off signals that you're not interested and too hard to get.

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C) You pretend you don't hear the question and quickly wheel your basket away from the produce section without looking back.5.

You get up from your seat where you're having dinner with friends and go to the restroom.

Ever wonder what signals you send to the opposite sex? It's hard to meet new people, but sometimes they just show up in your life and motion that they might want to get to know you.

How you react determines whether the initial attraction goes further.

C) Tell him he’s obnoxiously forward and should buzz off.2.