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Perhaps most physical was touring bassist Chris Torres, whose thick curls flailed as he headbanged through most of the set.

His rig has expanded to fit in keyboards and an Ableton Live session, mostly for the electronic textures of last year’s – while many of EITS’ fans may hold tight to memories of their early days, thunderous roars greeted new tracks like “Disintegration Anxiety” and the thick, droning chords of “Logic of a Dream.” There were no discernable gaps, each song fading smoothly into the next like waves far out in a deep ocean.

I hadn't seen Sarah Marshal, so I had no idea what that was all about.

But, reviews were good and I thought, hey, what the heck.

It is a follow-up to 2008's Jason Segel written Forgetting Sarah Marshall which focuses on Russell Brand's character Aldous Snow, lead singer of fictional band Infant Sorrow.