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Wardell designed several important buildings in Melbourne, including St. I have little to say beyond this, that I go to the architect of St John's College of the University of Sydney to ask him for something that shall again be an honour to himself and the Catholics of the diocese.I leave all to you and your own inspiration in the matter.The design team’s strategy was a play on the juxtapositions of the present with the past inherent in the project—the elegant old department store with exhibitionism and voyeurism, the theatre with all its spectacle, illusion and glamour.

New technologies, cutting-edge design and contemporary art were deployed as part of a placemaking strategy.

In developing the hotel’s signage, environmental graphics and heritage installations, Fabio Ongarato Design needed to devise solutions for complex navigation routes while creating a holistic branding experience for hotel guests across two divergent sites—Gowings Department Store and the State Theatre Building.

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St Mary's Cathedral is the spiritual home of Sydney's Catholic community.

St Mary's is not only a great legacy from the past, however: it is a vital part of the present spiritual and cultural life of the city and the nation.