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Your regular expression is way too simple to pass for a solid implementation anyway.

See the real thing here: shouldn't the email addresses be validated client side?

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Example: The message element is an optional element that displays a message such as "Invalid email.." or "Did you mean [email protected]? If you have a form and only want to proceed if the email is verified, you can use the function get Verimail Status as shown below: The get Verimail Status-function returns an integer code according to the object Comfirm. You should bear in mind that a-z, A-Z, 0-9, ., _ and - are not the only valid characters in the start of an email address.

Gmail, for example, lets you put a " " sign in the address to "fake" a different email (e.g.

Another great thing with is that it has spelling suggestion for the most common email domains and registered TLDs. As shown above, if the status is a negative integer value, then the validation should be treated as a failure.

This can lower your bounce rate drastically for users that misspell common domain names such as,,, aso.. But if the value is greater or equal to 0, then the validation should be treated as a success.

apostrophes are perfectly valid in email addresses.