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Khadijah Baseer of Los Angeles was seen opening customers' car doors in the Mc Donald's drive-through at the 1700 block of Olive Avenue in Los Angeles.

Baseer was allegedly offering to swap sexual favors for the fast food item.

During a vice operation, a Florida detective was trolling for hookers when he pulled up to a 47-year-old suspect and “asked if she wanted a ride.” The woman accepted the offer, got in the undercover vehicle, and “engaged in a conversation about sex.” The cop explained that he was looking “to F***,” and asked the woman “if she wanted to help me out with that.” The woman, the detective reported, replied that the pair “could go have sexual intercourse if I bought her two double cheeseburgers off the dollar menu at Mc Donald's.” The cop added, “I agreed to the deal and purchased the hamburgers for $2.75.” In addition to the cheeseburgers, the woman told the undercover cop that he could also give her a tip. The woman kept $40, took the Mc Donald's grub, and directed the cop to a vacant Bradenton parking lot “to park in to complete the deal.” At this point, Christine Baker was arrested by a takedown team.

Booked on a misdemeanor prostitution charge, she is scheduled for a court appearance.

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