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In the podcast, Ronson interviews Fabian Thylmann, Porn Hub’s millionaire founder, along with a spectrum of sex industry performers and creators struggling to make ends meet.

For instance, Ronson profiles Mike Quasar, a porn cameraman and director, who tells Ronson he’s powerless to stop his films from being instantly pirated online.

Andrew's crosses, in honor of the city's patron saint (same as Scotland and the Russian Navy, which also have X-designs on their flags).

The official explanation of the three crosses is that they represent the biggest threats in Amsterdam's history: fire, because medieval houses were made of timber and stand next to each other, increasing risks of huge fires; flood, because the River Amstel often flooded; and plague, because the canals were filthy and one could contract all kinds of diseases from the water therein.

Holding an open can of beer on the street is officially illegal (although it will rarely if ever get you a fine), smoking a joint outside is frowned on by the locals.