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To protect ourselves, we have to get the frank facts. While it’s easy to assume there’s a connection between skyrocketing STI rates and the hookup culture glorified on shows such as Jersey Shore or Gossip Girl, none of the experts we interviewed would pin Canada’s current chlamydia and gonorrhea epidemic on how sex is portrayed in television and movies. “Fifteen years ago, there was much more concern about HIV,” says Stephanie Mitelman, a sexual health educator and instructor at Concordia University in Montreal. Mark Yudin, a staff obstetrician and gynecologist at St.

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Over the same period, infection rates for gonorrhea rose by 116 percent, with rates for women ages 30–39 jumping by a whopping 287 percent.

(There has also been a dramatic uptick in syphilis in the past decade, but six and a half times more men than women report infection.) Actual numbers for all STIs are likely even higher, since many people have no clue they’re infected, says Dr.

“I had been sleeping with several people, none of whom really cared about me.

So it was a huge wake-up call.” (It’s crucial to note that STI testing is not necessarily included as part of an annual physical; see our “Speak Up to Get Screened” sidebar, page 74, for details.) A round of antibiotics got rid of the infection, but the stigma associated with having an STI stuck around.

It was her fourth date with a promising new man, but Chloe*, 34, wasn’t planning on sealing the deal quite yet.

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