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It’s the juxtaposition of the turtle, floating so effortlessly underwater, underneath a bunch of humans who obviously aren’t as fit to be in the water – they have no clue he’s there.

The host is much more at ease than the visitors, flying through the water, while they all kick their legs to stay afloat.

The next morning, along with almost 30 other photographers and reporters, I was piling through the narrow doorway of the Oval Office where the two were seated.

These situations are frequently chaotic and this one was no different, with reporters shouting questions and jostling for position.

I shot a couple of pictures and then he swam off, and the race started two minutes later.

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    Thank you again for your time and consideration of assisting me reach the World Championships, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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    Conclusion: The current study established and validated a theoretical and age-independent equation using MF-BIA to estimate ALM and provided reasonable sarcopenia cutoff values.

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