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We will have some interesting new products, here are a few.: Carbon throwing stick, Trebuchet Light Rod, Ultra Slim light "ST"carp rods in 2 1/2 to 3 lb test curve. They will be offered with an option of cork handles, and the 12' 2 1/2 is a very slender 11.6 mm just above the handle. In a carp fishing world which often tends to focus on distance casting, it is easy to forget that a lot of fish are caught at 100yds or less.

And it is a fact that although you may feel you have more control of a hard fighting fish and are applying more pull when you use a stiff rod, a lighter more flexible rod can sometimes beat the stiff rod in fish playing power, as well as having more elasticity to cope with sudden changes in direction.

The reason for this being that the lighter rod can bend in to a shorter leaver than the same length stiff rod.

Just as Tis was again telling me how great the Torrix 12' 2 1/2 is, I received an email from one of our German customers, Mario Winnekes who has just received a set of these very rods.

I will be adding a new video every ten days or so over the next few weeks so why not subscribe to our channel which is easy enough to do if you have a youtube account. This weekend we are off to the Tackle and Gun show to exhibit our 2011 range to the trade.