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When kids hear that they are helpful, kind, smart and loving, they tend to inhabit those characteristics.

Once again, play therapy focuses on the child and the relationship, not the problem. Previous to becoming a full-time Mom, Brenna ran a highly successful Child Therapy Private Practice.

If the girl did not want to say hello (out of fear, shyness, discomfort), the play therapy response would have been to reflect her feeling and acknowledge her choice.

We were at the play area at the mall, and a dad was watching his son like a hawk while his son played with other children.

The boy seemed to be somewhat aggressive with other kids, and soon a mom came in and set a baby in a carseat on the floor next to her.

If they hear you say they are mean, lazy, rude, or a troublemaker (either directly or to someone else), they begin to assume they need to act that way because the expectation has been set.

By using play therapy principles, you can promote positive beliefs, behaviors, and responses in your kids.

If this child tests limits and pushes buttons, he needs to hear his strengths and positive traits more than negative ones.