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Needless to say, Amsterdam is where the little Vietnamese nerdy me had his first clubbing experience.

Certainly I will talk about my dating experience in Amsterdam.

Furthermore, I once tried synchronize swimming for fun with some ASV-Gay members at Amsterdam gay swimming club.

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If you are looking for a place where you can truly be yourself while doing your favourite activities, then Amsterdam provides just that and more.

Gay scene Of course when we talk about Amsterdam, we have to talk about the gay scene here, which is pretty awesome I would say.

And above all, I learn about giving back to my own community.

So my message is that there are tons of activities for gay people here.

That was the reason why four years ago when I packed my stuff and moved to Amsterdam from Vietnam for my bachelor degree, I expected nothing but great stuff for my gay life here. Acceptability Coming from a developing country where certain matters like homosexuality are pretty much still in the non-discussable zone at family dinner tables, I struggled to be my true self with my family and friends.