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Progress was slow - too slow for Charles, who left the partnership and went abroad.Prior to the war the mouth-organ had been a popular music maker, particularly with London's Cockney stratum: being made exclusively in Germany at that day, mouth-organs had well-nigh disappeared from the scene.

Their reappearance after the war was an opportunity for the Rose Brothers.

Severely hampered by lack of funds, nevertheless the company was to become one of the largest stockists of mouth-organs by the nineteen-thirties. It was not easy to obtain supplies of merchandise: considerable opposition to the newcomers was experienced in those early days, from many established manufacturers and suppliers.

In March 1919 when it seemed likely that their brother Leslie would soon be discharged from military service, Stanley Rose and Charles Rose formed a partnership which they called Rose Brothers.

Later that year, Leslie Rose joined them, and a small establishment was set up in tiny premises at No 16 Rosoman Street in London's Clerkenwell district.

But those remaining, although outnumbered by the intruders, chased after them and recovered their livestock.