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We've also trained guys just like you for years in The Orient.So make yourself at home in your new home in the East and let's get you bringing someone in your life to enjoy it with!

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I agree that to make an 'Asia Dating Tips' site is both bold and controversial. We want to guarantee you a happy dating life in Asia (which could lead to something more? Sure there are the "girls from Asia are "easy" stereotypes" and some Western women might tell you that Asian women are "subservient" which is why Western men like them.

The reality is that Westerners who have not set foot in Asia don't have a clue (Hong Kong Island or the expat bubble your friend lives in is not 'Asia').

Pre-marital sex or even being seen with you in these countries can be trouble.

Korea is nationalistic and is having a hard time accepting intercultural relationships.

In my opinion the most conservative countries (in terms of culture and social expectations) are • Korea • Indonesia • Laos • Mainland China If you date Asian women from these places in their countries you can expect a lot of social resistance.