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Jude loses the cover of a magazine by Darius, a famous hip hop producer, to Eden a.k.a.the beach blonde she-devil who she beat in the Instant Star competition.

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Jude turns to Jamie after her parents broke up, and Jamie knows that she can’t handle any more horrible surprises, so he tells her about him and Kat dating for a while now.

Of course, Jude plays the supportive best friend who’s happy for her two best friends finding true love.

The one problem is that Shay doesn’t want to be her boyfriend, so how is Jude going to kiss Shay on camera when he basically dumped her?

Now that Shay and Jude are an official couple, Jude wants to share him with the rest of the world.

She was so nervous, but then she ends up winning the contest.

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    They invite us back to their place, then serve us dinner and we all watch a movie together.

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    Even if I am within their desired range, I still don’t get much of a response.