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She secretly liked the guy her friends dared to lay in concrete.

In season eight (episode 20), Vanessa Marano from "Switched At Birth" played Holly Wheeler who was admitted to the hospital after being found injured in a ravine. Comedic genius, Seth Green, played Nick Hanscrom on season four (episodes nine and 10) of Grey's.

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) will play Jules, an effortless beauty who is living with a dark secret and balancing her picture-perfect co-ed life with a new mission of redemption.

But her double life is about to be exposed when an unexpected complication in the form of Ophelia shows up, ready and willing to be her partner in crime.

He had many health problems and (spoiler alert) he died during a surgery Keke Palmer from "Scream Queens" and "True Jackson VP" shows up in season 10 (episode 16) as a pregnant teen who doesn't believe she will be able to survive child birth.

Mandy Moore appears in four episodes of Grey's (seasons six and seven) and was apart of one of the most traumatic experiences on the show: the hospital shooting.

Bennett is repped by ICM and Affirmative Entertainment.