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He just was and being seen rummaging in a rubbish bin didn't stop him throwing me a killer smile and saying something which sounded deliciously naughty. Je parle pa Francoise' - Sorry but I can't speak French - it could have been 'Sod off', quite frankly, but it sounded guttural and gorgeous.) There's a lesson in there for all of us. Here's the real secrets of sex appeal, along with how you can use the evidence practically to help boost your sex appeal. It's not the result of nasty brainwashing by society either - even babies go ga-ga for symmetry.

Of course, what people really mean when they ask 'What makes someone sexy' is 'Am I sexy' and 'How can I be sexier? Far more manipulative than the media is Mother Nature.

She consistently protects the healthiest of the species by making sure those from the strongest gene pool (in this case, the symmetrical) are seen as the most attractive.

While no body is ever truly symmetrical (so stop stressing about your left boob/testicle being smaller/lower than the other right now), appearing 'matched' helps immeasurably.

People with symmetrical bodies usually lose their virginity much younger and have more sexual partners than their lop-sided friends.