Dating your soulmate life dating 101

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Soulmates are souls we've known many times before in past lifetimes. Did something put you in each other's path — yet again? A friend described the small things she and her (now) soulmate noticed about each other. Does your throat throb, as if words are stuck there? Do you feel tired or drained after spending time with them? In a dating situation, this stuff can be crazy-making! If confusion does arise with a soulmate, it won't last long. Or do you feel very clear and confident that you'll see each other again?

The characteristics of a soulmate relationship manifest and deepen over time. When it comes to how to recognize your soulmate, comfort is key. Another tip on how to recognize your soulmate is paying attention to coincidence. When we're on a date, we're taking in and interpreting data all the time. Or they project something about themselves onto you.

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