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The Equatorial mounting was designed and built by the Illinois Watch Company, with G. In the time service department is a 3 inch combined transit and zenith telescope built by Guertner & Co., of Chicago, from a special design in which they have cooperated with the Illinois Watch Company to produce an instrument especially adapted to their service. The Illinois Watch Factory is the largest manufacturing institution in the city of Springfield.

The company now employs 518 hands, and produces more than 525 high grade watches per day.

The Illinois Pocket Watch Company is well described in this story written in 1913. In 1879 the center building was erected 40 x 50 feet, four stories high; in 1880 the South Wing, 30 x 100 feet, was completed. They were called the Stuart, Bunn, Miller, Currier, Hoyt and Mason.

The room is fitted up with appliances for serving lunches, with tables and chairs, a piano, and an emergency room for use in case of illness, and is in charge of a matron regularly employed by the company.

It is planned to devote a portion of the first floor for the use of the men as a club room.

The panic of 1873, which paralyzed the business of the country, placed the company in an embarrassing position, as they had not been in business long enough to have a surplus of capital to sink during the depression which followed, and they soon found themselves with a large stock of watches on hand, with little or no demand for them, and no money with which to keep the factory running.

To meet this emergency, fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) of preferred stock was issued, but it was not enough to do more than to postpone the inevitable.

In 1909 the two story North Wing, 103 x 21 feet, was completed for the use of the Timing and Adjustment Departments on the second floor, and the Dial Department on the first floor.