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Sir William Hamilton's collection of ancient Greek vases was an important influence on Flaxman's work.

These vases were first known in England from D'Hancarville's engravings, published from 1766.

He called on advanced orders via catalogs and traveling salesman so his supply always matched demand, but also offered the option to customize different pieces ñ e.g. Not only did this appeal to the middle class, but royalty eventually took notice of his excellent craftsmanship and designs and also became a fan.

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The name Phanolith was coined for this kind of jasperware.

His work is praised for the translucency of the white porcelain on a colored background.

According to Antique Marks, many of his descendants were also very involved in the company, which eventually merged with Waterford Crystal in 1987 and then became known as Waterford Wedgwood.

As we’ll talk about below, however, the marks on different pieces can offer a lot of assistance in dating specific pieces. Initially, according to Apartment Therapy, Wedgwood’s designs grew in popularity because of his innovative approaches to manufacturing and customizing pieces.

A stand at the World's Fair 1900 in Paris was the first major public presentation of his work and gained him a gold medal.