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This document established predetermined rations for each sailor, which included one pound of biscuits and a gallon of beer each day and four pounds of beef, two pounds of salted pork, three eights of a twenty-four-inch cod, two pints of peas, six ounces of butter, and between eight and twelve ounces of cheese each week.When victuallers could not provide these specific foods, Pepys also established substitutes (see table 1 for a complete list of the Navy’s rations from 1677 to the 1740s).[3] The most significant alteration came in 1731, when the Navy published a reformed and better-written set of Ship’s Biscuits made by Jeff Pavlik, as featured in John Pavlik, “‘Consisting Merely of Flour and Water’: Reproducing the Eighteenth-Century English Biscuit,” Journal of the Early Americans 1, no. In the British maritime service, sailors’ bread came in the form of unleavened biscuits on most voyages.Since food played a significant role in the lives of sailors, exploring the specifics of their diets can provide more insights into their experiences at sea.

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