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I have now the pleasure of presenting to you this purse as a token of the good feeling entertained by the Corps towards you, and the high place you hold in their esteem. Born in Ramplsham, near Maiden Newton, Dorsetshire and attested Welsh Rgt.

l am quite sure that wherever duty may call you, you will not forget the First Rifles, and you will ever carry with you the best wishes of the members of the Corps. Contact marks, otherwise VF $645 "Gemaizah 1888" 1072 Pte.

A French lancer made a grab for the colours with his lance but the flag was secured by Ensign Christie despite serious wounds. Note: Only 38 waterloo medals are recorded to have surfaced for the unit making this one of the scarcest Regiments to obtain. Major Howard, who was the only 10 Germany, Prussia, Iron Cross 1813, 2nd Class, Rare “stepped iron center” first issue King Friedrich Wilhelm III instituted the Iron Cross on 10 March 1813 as an award for bravery, available to all ranks, both combatant and non-combatant. Joining the 5th Contingent, Victorian Mounted Rifles in 1900 as a lieutenant at the age of 18, he served in South Africa during the Boer War. for the Battalion’s attack on the Hohenzollern Redoubt (a.k.a. On that occasion, the attack was launched at 5.45 p.m. The State of Victoria Gazette of Jan 29 1869 under "POST OFFICE" then "BALLARAT" shows him taken on strength of the Victorian Government in 1853 - the year before EUREKA. Engineers) Note: Alfred James Sharp was born in Millbrook, Southampton.

The Lancer then tried to escape with some of the colour still on his lance but he was killed in the attempt to get away.” The Regiment earned great praise for their stand against the attack from Lord Wellesley-"". By the Supreme Cabinet Order of 12 March 1815, combatants whose bravery in action had been brought to the attention of the King but had not been awarded an Iron Cross as a result, were permitted to ‘inherit’ an Iron Cross 2nd Class when, following the death of a recipient, the cross was returned. After serving his full tour with the 5 VMR he went on to serve in the Royal Fusiliers in 1902. with the detonation of seven mines, the largest of which was intended to wreck the bulk of The Chord. Numerous newspaper reports show the demise of King for embezzlement of the Ballarat Post Office in 1869. He joined the Royal Artillery on 6 July 1882, aged 19 years. Scuff marks, otherwise good VF $625 CHARGE OF THE HEAVY BRIGADE Single: Crimea 1854-56, 3 clasps, Balaklava, Inkermann, Sebastopol (J. 2nd Dragns.) James Canning was born in October 1827 and enlisted into the 2nd Dragoons at Edinburgh on 13 April 1846, for an unlimited period of engagement. Africa Nov 1899 to July 1900 and China July 1900 to Aug 1901 and India Aug 1901 to March 1907.

On 27 December 1854 he was admitted to Scutari Hospital. OUTSTANDING SERVICE INCLUDING BEING PRESENT IN TWO VC ACTIONS Single: Crimea 1854-56, 4 clasps, "Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann and Sebastopol" officially impressed to Jas. 3415 Private James Binns joined the Rifle Brigade at Portsmouth on 20 February 1854, aged 17 years.