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I think this new girl is the recipient of feelings I developed for the last one.Dear Mike, I’ve often said that we are the sum total of our experiences.

: D Also, I don't call my husband by his real name very often either. So even if he had shared the same name as my brother, I really can't see how it'd impact on anything.

Now, if a guy shared MY name, that'd probably be kind of hard to take. But I'd imagine it's an issue for Kym/Kim, and to a lesser extent, Daniel/Danielle.

Brother #1, has a son who married a woman with the same name as his sister.

Brother #3 has a son who almost married a girl with the same name as another daughter of Brother #1, not a sibling but a cousin.

I think there's another instance of same names but I can't remember them all. Probably not, considering I don't use my brother's name when talking to him; I go with 'bro', 'Ruffles', or a diminutive short form of his name.