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Bacon, which cost $1.25 per pound in 1860, sold for $10, while the price of sugar increased more than fifteen-fold and coffee cost forty times what it had previously... No salt meant no meat during the long months following traditional slaughtering periods (late fall).

Rapidly escalating prices encouraged hoarding and speculation, which drove prices up even more. Bartering transactions are excluded from historic pricing data sets because there were no records published in the newspaper, captured by commercial markets, or reported by the government.

Price controls were discontinued, but inflation then ran rampant." ---ibid (p. Sells from 3.5-4.5 cents Sugars.--New Orleans, 9.5-13.5 cents. During the American Civil War, Southerners regularly bartered one food for another, or other goods for food.

41) "[In Richmond VA] By February 1863 the price of flour had more than doubled. The stock of A, B, and C Refined Coffee Sugars have become exhausted. Salt was an especially precious commodity because in times preceding modern refrigeration, it was used for food curing and preservation.

Food units are generally for large quantities, not comparable to modern supermarket prices. [SOURCE: Prices in Colonial Pennyslvania, Anne Bezanson, et al, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1935.] [1786-1817] Median annual prices for 14 leading commodities, Western Prices Before 1861/Thomas Senior Berry [Harvard University Press: Boston] 1943 [NOTE: This book offers dozens of price charts, including seasonal variations of Cincinnati Wholesale Commodity Prices 1824-1860 (p. [1832] Meat prices, Boston MA [1849] Retail food costs, California gold miners [1861-1865] American Civil War food prices [1860-2009] The Value of A Dollar: Prices and Incomes in the United States, selected food prices extracted from advertisements and federal data [NOTE: Value of a Dollar books are available in most public libraries. Urban taverns offered a wider range of services, including both public and private dining facilties. Pricing notes here: "The fare in a rural tavern..simple, whatever the tavern keeper had on hand for his/her own family and was willing to share...