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[email protected]& [email protected] World Bank Delegation wants to talk to you about your unpaid funds. [email protected] Claims you missed messages from google. [email protected] Tells you to claim your 100 dollar gift card.

[email protected] Claims to have missed messages from Google.

Phishing scam trying to get you to click on link [email protected] Phishing scam. In reality just looking for your financial information to steal. [email protected]& [email protected] Claims to be with the Federai Bureau of Investigation, notice how they spelled that wrong. [email protected] Tried to get me to click a link for tire coupons in 2014. [email protected] Another phishing scam hoping for a quick click on a link and you'll lose big time. If you are unsure of an FBI extortion email, contact the FBI through their website and their phone number.

They will illegally if you download any attachments. Fill out your information and send them money that you will never see again. Too bad the only thing you can delete with this is the email and not the sender. Probably claims to be from many different companies. [email protected] Claims to be from law office credit repair place. [email protected] Scam email address with South Korean domain. More like a trojan horse that will steal your passwords and financial records. [email protected] Another email address used in a fake FBI extortion.

Avoid the link [email protected] Classifieds and/or Craigslist scammer. After sending difference, check turns out to be fraudulent. Tried to give gmail reminder despite not having a gmail address. [email protected] Wants to give you a donation. Probably a computer virus sent by a real human virus.

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