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Before heading out, we strongly (repeat, strongly) suggest studying up on your mushroom nomenclature here. Kicking over unwanted mushrooms and littering the scene of the crime with stems can harm the forest ecosystem, not to mention give away your very own, super-secret mushrooming spot.Wicker baskets are a must for collecting mushrooms; they help your fragrant yet stinky, alive but decaying crop breathe better.

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--------------------Some things like meditating are really hard to do.

(Over 25 million kilograms were harvested from the country´s woodlands last year alone!

) If you want to get lucky at the mushroom game, do like the Czechs do and get up with the sun.

If you´ve heard the old saying “All mushrooms are edible once,” then you know the reasoning behind this approach. I tossed my finds into a flimsy receptacle courtesy of Tesco and stalked off to make dinner.