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“I had my best friend wear it when she started dating.On their second date, her now-boyfriend said that it had been driving him nuts that he could see the lace of the bra through her tee.”Zalopany’s last piece of advice?At the office, we all agree that first-date dressing should be as basic as basic gets—as in “jeans and tee” simplicity.

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“Get your nails buffed but not manicured, and definitely not painted red.”That’s not to say that you should stow away your best Commes des Garçons runway looks forever.

But easing someone into all the quirks of your personal style needn’t be a rushed job.

Here’s your guide to making it possible, because dressing speaks for itself more than we manage to portray ourselves. Look below at the cool collection of date outfits for men.

These 20 amazing and top-notch outfits for men to try on their special dates and making it as charming as the food or the venue.

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