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had the day off, so in the afternoon we went to see the Lüneburg Christmas markets. and my mom we sat outside in the sunshine overlooking the harbor. and I sat inside on a cozy antique couch, and it was just as lovely.

It was already dark outside when we arrived at 5pm, but the city was really magical at night, especially with the Christmas lights. We weren’t hungry yet, so I just ordered a giant soy Milchkaffee.

The amount of margarine and sugar is horrifying, but the holidays are the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some extra sweets!

While the dough chilled in the fridge, we watched with Spanish subtitles. had never seen the original cartoon, and it’s one of my Christmas favorites!

It’s time for me to say December 5, 2015 This weekend I went to Hamburg to stay at my second home.

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