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Two players stand on either side of the host, who is sitting in a chair on stage. In this game, the host is a young child with one question on their mind, why?

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Once everything is prepared, the MC gives a brief introduction, and the Questioner starts asking questions. You give more than one contestant the same question, but don’t ever give all three the same question. Another thing you want to stay away from is asking them questions in order of one, two, three, one, etc. the Questioner will probably ask between six and nine different questions, depending on how long it takes to ask and answer them.

Each contestant should try to provide funny/witty responses to these questions, but the improviser should prioritizing answering in a timely manner over giving the answer.

The easiest remedy for this is sticking with answering with lots of puns.) After each contestant has answered a fair number of questions, the MC should stop the game ans say something along the lines of “Which contestants are you going on a date with?

” The Questioner should respond with, “Well, I won’t pick George Washington because I can’t forgive him for chopping down a cherry tree.” After saying something similar for another contestant, the MC should say “So why did you pick Contestant Three?

Most often, this relies on clever improvised answers rather than playing the game accurately.