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Antique and vintage Rookwood pottery is definitely worth collecting.Rookwood has tradition, design innovation and a long history of 130 years behind it.This relatively long history, in American terms, and being an original American art work can add substantial value to antique Rookwood pottery pieces. Rookwood marked their pottery from the outset and the rookwood marks have remained pretty consistent.

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She setup the Rookwood company, hired artists like Japanese artist Kitaro Shirayamadani who came to work for the company in 1887, and talented art students and encouraged them to use their creativity to experiment and create unique pottery pieces.

Almost every piece designed by these artists sold for hundreds of dollars, and today they are regarded as highly collectible.

Each Rookwood mark will have the shape number impressed below the logo and shapes would be produced in multiple sizes, which include the letters A, B, C, D, E & F.

A for the largest shape size and F for the smallest.

The Rookwood airbrush, called the mouth atomizer, was developed by Rookwood to apply glazes in an innovative way.