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How do we keep our daily devotions from being (spiritually) dangerous?

David Mathis and Jonathan Parnell give us some practical help in their book studying their Bible, whether for a focused, four-year degree or just in a regular rhythm of personal devotions.

But the rewards of our meditation — seeing more of God himself — can be surprisingly dangerous.

Knowledge can corrupt and distract if we don’t know what to do with it.

“All this information, all the effortless access to truth about God, freezes over our sense of miracle” (Parnell, 42). This is the highway to having a heart that loves what you read.

Be absolutely amazed that we even know this God and that he loves us as surely and sacrificially as he does. Parnell says, “Revelation, chock-full of wonder, is meant for fellowship” (46) and, “You must pause and pray, for only prayer can transform information into intimacy” (48).

God’s words revive the soul, grant wisdom, rejoice the heart, enlighten the eyes, and endure forever (Psalm 19:7–9).