Dating clubs in delhi

A few exchanged numbers, some showed interest in meeting again. The marketing professional says that it’s only at events like these that he is likely to meet someone with whom he could have a “potential long-term relationship”—in a space curated with other like-minded individuals.The event was organized by Floh, a Web-based, technology-driven platform that describes itself as a community of singles, not a dating application.

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Ashish, a 36-year-old Bengaluru resident who wished to be identified by his first name only, knows the type of woman he would like to marry: “a working professional with her own ambition to pursue”.

On a January weekend, he flew down to Mumbai to party with other singles on a yacht.

Shyam Bhat, author of How To Heal Your Broken Heart: A Psychiatrist’s Guide To Dealing With Heartbreak, and founder of, an online counselling service, pins the mismatch of expectations on the digital medium.

“Authentic relationships need real-time communication, which allows a constant exchange of emotional information.

After some days, he pinged saying he might have met the right person (in me).