Dating borderline personality disorder man

It’s the familiar antisocial person ranging from the neighbourhood thug who gets into fights when he is drunk, to the full-fledged psychopath that entirely lacks empathy and uses other people for money, sex or other benefits. People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are a completely different breed.

Their core features are their desperate need for love and lack of interpersonal skills.

But bitterness and hate isn’t just expressed by self-destructive gestures.

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The Hidden Threat So it seems the borderline personality is a large and rather hidden threat to women (and probably some men too although women are usually less violent). Pointing the finger at these guys may feel like kicking on someone who is already lying down.

But they are not victims of anything but their own shaky grip on reality, and excusing them or looking the other way will only make for more violence.

As expected, they found that crime was most strongly associated with psychopathy (which is a dimensional trait that to some extent can be found in the normal population).

Also as expected, borderline was linked to self-harm.

Of offenders who had committed both sexual and non-sexual violent crime half were antisocials and a third were borderlines as compared to third most common category of narcissistic disorder at a mere 3 percent.

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