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I am still completely devastated and I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the whole thing. The poor child has a dead beat dad that ignores him. But a guy that can back up what he siads is look over.. I work with grown men that claim they are doing great, But they have to live with a woman that is on welfare..I can't believe he had me fooled for so long and that he was capable of looking right at me and lying constantly (not to mention remembering all the lies! It makes me very apprehensive to get close to someone again. I would not have been able to sleep comfortably if I didn't. These losers could not live on their own if their life depended on it.. And there are plenty of welfare queens will be more than happy to babysit... I guess it took me so long because he had SO many little stories to go along with what he was saying.

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The worst part was, when I spoke to his sister about it she let me know that she has not trusted him in years since he has a lying problem and he has stolen from everyone in the family.. Lying is simple, keeping it up for 12 months or more is whats hard.

I am angry that nobody had enough respect for me to warn me about it. Being able to show proof of tall tales is really hard. My sympathy, I can't imagine a more terrible experience.

Lying is the most common occurence with both sexes PPle lie about weight, age, jobs, finances, etc. I know that you hurt, can you imagine if you married him ? I even gave them contact numbers but they don't seem to take it seriously, which is sad... I got my bearings back when I started reading baggagereclaim. I gave him the money cuz again he lied and said it was just weed he was smoking. Then I started suspecting he was lying about everything and I tried to end the relationship but he wouldn't let me. He told me many times he didn't have money for food for his son. IF i didn't give him money, he would constantly call me at work, at home and even park his car underneath my balcony in the middle of the night till I gave him money otherwise he would honk his horn.

I think the most commonly lied issue is when married pple designate themselves as single or divorced. How about if you wasted another five or ten years on him ? At the year and a half mark my X was still nice to me. His friend helped me out one day and he told me he was still with his wife.

2) He told me that the house he lived in, he owned and it was completely paid for.. 3) He told me that he played semi-professional hockey when he was younger (he had hockey equipment and TONS of stories about when he lived in said city that he played in down to where his apartment was and what his room mates name was) and all the stories he told me were false. I found out that he was just an hourly worker on the line and not in management.5) Most recently I found some child support paperwork that he owes back child support to this woman who he never even spoke of. and he was always so good with kids around me and always talked about having them so it is very strange that he just abandoned his kid. I was lied by a guy who was a security guard and I trusted him,after 3 mos dating he moved w me and than after 6 mos we got married ,it last only 8 mos..start drinking and I caught him w all kinds of lies I kick him out ASAP and filed for div.I have hard time trusting anybody.

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