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What the hell do you care what everyone else says or thinks? Sounds to me like someone got burned once and is still letting the flame heat his a$$.

You need to lay off big time and quit the whole every single woman is looking for someone else to raise their illegitimate child crap.i absolutely agree with dad2stay children do fall hard and thats why us women with kids are pretty picky on who comes into not only our lives and our kids lives.

Her priority should be and will be to that child's needs before yours - but you seem sensible and will likely already have realized i'll be gawddamned!

i was so in the lustin' after this dude jakeman(glenson), and now he's no longer. and here i was gonna put him in the middle of my squabbles, change diapers (the poopy ones that squesh out from all sides), ignore him from the other side of the couch, and make him pay for my child....he goes and deletes his profile!!!!! the dudes barely met her, much less banged her (maybe??? and ya'll be jumpin' the gun like they just ran to Vegas or something if you like her, date her.

I would take it slowly, also realize when dating a single mom that her time is limited, and If can handle that its a good start, you cannot be too demanding of her time, and then if the relationship seems like its going some where you will have to meet her son but only if 1) she is comfortable 2) you like children and 3) you know the relationship is going to the next level.