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This is pretty simple but not repeatable if you have to merge some Excel files that are updated on a regular basis.You can use the consolidate option in the data menu.

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For information about using macros in Excel 2016 workbooks, see Chapter 12, “Automate repetitive tasks by using macros.” When you create a new workbook by using the tools found in the Backstage view, the New page displays the blank workbook template, built-in templates, a search box you can use to locate helpful templates on, and a set of sample search terms.

From the list of available templates, you can click the template you want to use as the model for your workbook.

You can build a macro to append the rows from multiple spreadsheets.

This is the most reliable and repeatable solution, however it necessitates to learn the macro language from Excel, which is not simple by nature.

After you have created a workbook to hold data about a particular subject, you can create as many worksheets as you need to make that data easier to find within your workbook.