Consolidating legislation codifying legislation

However, rejected the premise that lawmaking could be based solely on religious reasons without clearly defined state-sanctioned goals.

Through its ruling, the Supreme Court built a constitutional wall separating marital unions from the church’s traditional definition.

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The declaration from Nelson, who is next in line to become president of the LDS Church—which also considers the head of the church a “prophet, seer and revelator”—means that the church’s new stance is not merely administrative procedure.

Instead, Nelson’s “clarification,” wrote Mayne, signals that the highest-ranking members of the LDS Church have elevated the church’s new policy to “near doctrinal status.” Leaders of the Anglican Communion, the world’s largest Protestant denomination, cited the Bible and tradition—not new revelation—to justify the censure of the ECUSA.

These developments are not only the result of the rapidly changing landscape in America regarding sexuality.

Instead, these changes are as much about Africa and the rest of the Global South as they are about the United States.

Without question, we are living in an era when young Americans are leaving the churches of their youth at unprecedented numbers.