Colin farrell dating 2016

”Now 39 with two children from past relationships, he says he still considers himself a romantic.

His latest interview is just another sign that the actor is nowhere close to those "wild years" in Hollywood that featured plenty of rumored romances in the tabloids and late nights out on the town.

Today, Farrell is excited to star alongside Vince Vaughn in season two where he will play a "compromised detective" in the industrial City of Vinci in Los Angeles County.

There, he meets a near-sighted woman (Rachel Weisz) with whom he kindles the beginnings of what could be true, albeit forbidden, love.

In the age of digital dating apps, The Lobster’s satirical take on alienation, loneliness, and the ways we forge connection land sharply.

While the role is quite the big deal in the world of Hollywood, Farrell knows that it's his kids at home that mean the most.

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