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The Ottomans conquered Constantinople in 1453, bringing to an end the 1100-year-rule of the Byzantine Empire/ Next the Ottomans gained control of Mamluk Egypt in 1517, followed by Algiers and most of present-day Hungary by 1529, all of Persia in 1638, and most of the region between the Black and Caspian Seas by the 1650s.

These so-called Ottoman wars of conquest fixed in the imagination of the Europeans the image of the Muslim Turks as ferocious and religiously inspired warriors.

The bare-bones plot — you could summarize it on a matchbook cover — is merely an excuse for the action set pieces, which also include Xander chasing down a bad guy by surfing on a motorbike (don’t ask).

It all comes across like a montage of the opening sequences of James Bond movies, but the net effect is more numbing than exhilarating.

Instead, he puts together his own group, which seems to have been assembled for maximum international box-office appeal.

They include heavily tattooed sniper Adele Wolff (Ruby Rose, ), so immediately smitten with Xander that she informs him her “safe word” is “cumquat”; and Nicks (Kris Wu), whose chief skill seems to be as a DJ.

And while there may indeed by impressive stunt work on display (augmented by voluminous CGI effects), the impact is diluted through overkill.

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    Some people are definitely looking to get hitched, despite the divorce rate these days (which, is coincidentally only 17% in Spain compared to over 50% in the UK , USA , Canada and Australia). Picture this for a moment: you’re having a drink at the local establishment, a gorgeous Spaniard walks into the room… (don’t forget: Spain is ranked second last in the EU with their English skills) It’s tough to introduce yourself and meet people in your home country, let alone in your new country. Just keep the fashion thing in mind - indulge in a little shopping on some of the fantastic high streets and shops.

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    Brynn Cameron herself has a background in basketball, and like Blake Griffin, she is from California.