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Increases in signal processing capability due to the introduction of solid state computers has also had a large impact on radar use.

The place of radar in the larger story of science and technology is argued differently by different authors.

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Maurice Ponte, one of the developers of radar in France, states: The fundamental principle of the radar belongs to the common patrimony of the physicists; after all, what is left to the real credit of the technicians is measured by the effective realisation of operational materials. radar has been the root of a wide range of achievements since the war, producing a veritable family tree of modern technologies.

Because of radar, astronomers can map the contours of far-off planets, physicians can see images of internal organs, meteorologists can measure rain falling in distant places, air travel is hundreds of times safer than travel by road, long-distance telephone calls are cheaper than postage, computers have become ubiquitous and ordinary people can cook their daily dinners in the time between sitcoms, with what used to be called a radar range.

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The two, combined, produced a "fix", locating the target relative to the antenna.